St Joseph’s Parish was established in the post-war year of 1949 when it separated from Waterloo Parish. However, St Joseph’s school existed from about 1888 and, until 1927, was situated in Alexandria bef­ore it was moved to the current Church site. The Parish flourished under the pastoral guidance of several dedicated Priests including Fr. Cullen, Rosebery’s first Parish Priest who presided over the Rosebery community until 1982. The school was run by the Sisters of Mercy who lived onsite until 1986 yet they still taught at the school until it closed in 1992.

old school photo

Fr. Christopher Sheehy was the Pastor of St. Josephs for 30 years in conjunction with his important work of being the Director of the Sydney Office of the Marriage Tribunal. Fr. Chris enriched the Rosebery community with his leadership and outgoing personality. He also saw St. Josephs through a fire and the 1999 hailstorm when the interior of the Church revived a makeover.

It was this hailstorm that led to Rosebery welcoming the Verbum Dei Missionaries to the Parish in 1999 where they remained until May 2016. They lived in “Logue House”, named after Sr. M Cleophas Logue who began teaching at St Joseph’s in 1933.

St Joseph’s Rosebery was administered by a neighbouring parish and Fr. Martin Monaghan for two years after the sudden death of former Parish Priest Fr. Christopher Sheehy in August 2011.

In December 2013, Rosebery welcomed Fr. Greg Morgan, a priest of the Verbum Dei Missionary Fraternity, as our Pastor, to continue the dedicated tradition of pastoral guidance in this Parish.

2014 and 2015 were years of renewal for the parish. It re-focused its youth program, now called JOEYs (which stands for “Justice, Outreach, Evangelisation for Youth”), restarted its RCIA program and brought in a number of new initiatives including movie afternoons, bingo nights and other events designed to reinforce the community feel of the parish.

Rosebery and St Joseph’s have changed immensely over the years but the faith and commitment of its people has always remained and, we pray, will continue to remain for many more years.

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