St. Vincent de Paul Society – Rosebery Conference

There are three members of the Rosebery Conference of the St. Vincent de Paul Society, Bernard Fonti, Tony McDonald and John Cooley. Bernard Fonti is the President. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month commencing at 1.30pm in the parish hall.

Major fundraising for the Society works in our parish are received each year from the Winter Appeal and Christmas Appeal generously contributed to by parishioners.

Predominantly, works of the Society involve person to person visitation with those in need, in their homes. Details of people requiring assistance are mostly supplied to our local conference by the Regional Office of the St. Vincent de Paul Society located Level 2, 1A Meeks Street, Kingsford phone (02) 9662 7380.

Other works of the Conference include responsibility for the supply of the Catholic Weekly, Christmas Cards and the Columban Calendar. Additionally, we have a twin relationship with another Conference in Kerala, India whereby we give them some financial support for their good works throughout their District. The St. Vincent de Paul Society Special Works can be viewed at

The goal of the Conference is the spiritual growth of its members achieved through working with people in need, respecting their dignity and encouraging them, where possible, to become self-reliant.

New members both male and female, are very welcome, and will find rich fulfilment in carrying out the works of the Society.   For any enquiries please contact Bernard Fonti on Mob: 0408 114 789.